Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wheels 1970

Wheels Is The Second Album Released By The Band The Hardy Boys Who Where Especially Made For A 1969 Cartoon That Aired Of The ABC Channel From 1969 To 1971.The Album Starts Off With "Wheels" Its A Pretty Good Song."Carnival Time"Is Isn't Really Bubblegum Pop Like Most Of Their Other Songs Anyways Its A Good Song."Archie Brown" Sounds A Lot Like A Beach Boys Song (Barbara Ann) And Is Allegedly The Love Child Of Archie Brown And Charlie Brown ; )..."Where Would I Be" Is My Favorite Song From This Album."Baby This Is The Last Time" Is The Last Song Of The Album And Is Very (Groovy)Good.

Track Listing
(And Youtube Video Link)
1.) Wheels                                                        
3.) Carnival Time                                               
4.)Let The Sun Shine                                        
5.)Good, Good Lovin'                                       
6.)Long, Long Way To Nashville                       
7.)The Love Train                                               
8.)Archie Brown                                                 
9.)Where Would I Be                                           
10.)I Hear The Grass Singing                              
11.)Baby This Is The Last Time                            

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Come The Hardy Boys 1969

The Hardy Boys Is A 1969 Filmation Cartoon That Contained One Of The Many Cartoon Teenage Music Groups Solving Mysteries.The First Song Is "Here Come The Hardy's" Which Is The Opening Theme And Is Pretty Good."One Time In A Million" Is One Of The Slower Songs Of The Album And Is Really Good."Thats That" And "Namby Pamby" Is Pure Bubblegum Pop Music."Love And Let Love" Is One Of The Most Fondly Remembered Song According To Youtube .The Sad Thing Is That None Of The Songs Ever Charted But Sadly Like Most 60's And 70's Cartoon Music Groups Their Songs Where Poorly Advertised(Or Marketed).All Of The Songs Are Remastered In Stereo
Track Listing...

1.)Here Come The Hardy's    
2.)Those Country Girls         
3.)One Time In A Million       
4.)Thats That                          
5.)I Want You To Be My Baby
6.)Sink Or Swim                      
7.)Namby Pamby                     
8.)My Little Sweatpea              
9.)Sha La La                            
10.)Feels So Good                     
11.)Love And Let Love             

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Josie And The Pussycats In Outer Sapce! 1972

Bleep Bleep Is The Kooky Guide! The Pussycats In Outer Space!
 In 1970 Josie And The Pussycats Debuted On CBS Getting Into Crazy Adventures Then Two Years Later In 1972 The Follow Up Of Josie And The Pussycats Made Its Debut But This Time The Adventures Are Way More Far Out Than The Regular Series...
The Plot...
The Show Is About Josie And The Pussycats Are Lost In Space (Because Of Alexandra Of Course). And How They Get Stuck In Far Out Adventures Like A Planet Thinking Melody(The Stereotypical Dizzy Blond Drummer) Is Their Goddess And Saving A Princess From A Glass City With A Psychotic Robot While Preforming A Song...
The Music
In The First Series The Music Was Preformed By A Band Especially Made For The Show...For The Outer Space Episodes The Producer(I Think) Hired A Group Of Anonymous People To Sing The (Extra Sugary Bubblegum Pop) Songs For The Show.The Songs Are OK Not As Good As The Songs In The Regular Show.None Of The Songs Used In This Show Where Released For Purchase But Maybe In The Future Rhino Handmade Records Might Release The Songs On CD...
For The Meanwhile I Made An Unofficial Soundtrack Containing Six Songs From A Few Episodes And The Songs Are Edited Longer(Most Of Them Where Ten Seconds Long) And Remastered In STEREO.

Download The Unofficial Album Songs Individually...
Download The Files (You Need To Unzip The File If You Download)
The Spin Off Was Good And Is Underrated But A Little To Far Out.Sadly The Josie In Outer Space Is Not Available On DVD (But There Are Two VHS Tapes That Are Out Of Copy) But The Channel Boomerang Reruns The Show (Not That Often).Overall Its A Pretty Good Cartoon And Is Worth Watching If Their Rerunning It...
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Me, Natalie 1969

What can Natalie do in Greenwich Village that she can't do at home?

Me, Natalie is a 1969 American comedy/drama movie.The movie is about a young woman who struggles to find independence. It didn't fare well at the box office and was quickly forgotten. The movie is most noted for being Al Pacino's film debut.

The film's music was by Henry Mancini and Rod McKuen.

The movie has not been released on DVD yet. The soundtrack can be found on vinyl.
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Enjoy Of This Little Known Movie!