Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Come The Hardy Boys 1969

The Hardy Boys Is A 1969 Filmation Cartoon That Contained One Of The Many Cartoon Teenage Music Groups Solving Mysteries.The First Song Is "Here Come The Hardy's" Which Is The Opening Theme And Is Pretty Good."One Time In A Million" Is One Of The Slower Songs Of The Album And Is Really Good."Thats That" And "Namby Pamby" Is Pure Bubblegum Pop Music."Love And Let Love" Is One Of The Most Fondly Remembered Song According To Youtube .The Sad Thing Is That None Of The Songs Ever Charted But Sadly Like Most 60's And 70's Cartoon Music Groups Their Songs Where Poorly Advertised(Or Marketed).All Of The Songs Are Remastered In Stereo
Track Listing...

1.)Here Come The Hardy's    
2.)Those Country Girls         
3.)One Time In A Million       
4.)Thats That                          
5.)I Want You To Be My Baby
6.)Sink Or Swim                      
7.)Namby Pamby                     
8.)My Little Sweatpea              
9.)Sha La La                            
10.)Feels So Good                     
11.)Love And Let Love             

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