Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wheels 1970

Wheels Is The Second Album Released By The Band The Hardy Boys Who Where Especially Made For A 1969 Cartoon That Aired Of The ABC Channel From 1969 To 1971.The Album Starts Off With "Wheels" Its A Pretty Good Song."Carnival Time"Is Isn't Really Bubblegum Pop Like Most Of Their Other Songs Anyways Its A Good Song."Archie Brown" Sounds A Lot Like A Beach Boys Song (Barbara Ann) And Is Allegedly The Love Child Of Archie Brown And Charlie Brown ; )..."Where Would I Be" Is My Favorite Song From This Album."Baby This Is The Last Time" Is The Last Song Of The Album And Is Very (Groovy)Good.

Track Listing
(And Youtube Video Link)
1.) Wheels                                                        
3.) Carnival Time                                               
4.)Let The Sun Shine                                        
5.)Good, Good Lovin'                                       
6.)Long, Long Way To Nashville                       
7.)The Love Train                                               
8.)Archie Brown                                                 
9.)Where Would I Be                                           
10.)I Hear The Grass Singing                              
11.)Baby This Is The Last Time                            

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  2. i 2nd that THANKS. I have these original albums, but need these mp3 versions as well.
    They're great! Rob

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks so much for this!!! May I please ask if it's possible to get FLAC versions? Thanks!!!